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This and that.

Been a while, so here’s an update:

Recorded the Dog Moon Howl album in January at The Boathouse in Alloa, started mixing it and then came down with the mother of all eye infections which was supposed to clear up in a fortnight but went on for over two months, becoming increasingly debilitating due to seriously affecting my vision.  Seems to have left me with some permanent problems in that regard, too.  Oh well.

Anyway, had to cancel gigs and the likes but since then have played a solo set at The Vagabond Social Club in Glasgow and a duo set at Record Store Day in Stirling (@ Europa Music), both of which went down rather well thank you very much.  Finished the mixes on the DMH album, getting the masters completed just now, and starting work on the cover art to boot.  Looking at a June release.

Actively booking for the band, the duo and myself so more live dates to be confirmed soon.  Playing (solo) @ Slouch, Glasgow on Wednesday.  Getting into a whole guitar design/business thing as well, Zentone Guitars, more news as-and-when.

Right, that’s your lot.  Blogging, eh?  Fucking doddle.


Dog Moon Howl update (and a live Craig Hughes Two video).

Work on Dog Moon Howl’s first album is in the mixing stages.  Currently sitting at nine tracks, produced by Alec Pollock of Chasar at his studio in Alloa, it threatens to be rather good.  Release and promotion details will start to get hammered into shape in the next few weeks (current thinking is a May release but that’s far from set in stone) – in the meantime, we have a gig on the books for Saturday, March 22nd with Glitterball Vegas and Traquair at The 13th Note in Glasgow.

I’m currently hitting up festivals and the likes for bookings (solo/duo and DMH) and the first solo booking of the year is for Foakies @ The Royal Oak in Edinburgh on June 2nd. Tying all this together, here’s a video of me and Ally Tennick (DMH drummist) playing as The Craig Hughes Two late last year, from the smartphone of Bryan Campbell (DMH basser).

Winter News Round-up

So, my Mail manager-thingmy isn’t letting me send Newslist emails out anymore.  Fuckity-fuck-fuck-fuck.

Anyway, here’s the main body of what should have been this winter’s newsletter…

The Blues Magazine #10

There’s a full-page interview with me in #10 of Classic Rock Presents: The Blues Magazine and there’s also a great review of the new album in there.  Available now from WH Smiths etc., or order online.

Reaction to the new album

Reviews and reactions to Losers and Bastards are coming in and I’m pleased to say that so far they’ve been overwhelmingly positive.

“A diamond in the rough, with a poet’s soul.”

            The Blues Magazine (UK)

“It’s bloody brilliant.  Not just Hughes’ best, but one of 2013’s.”

            Resurrection Songs (UK)

His lyrics too are a mix of despair and grim humour and on a couple of the songs here he proves himself to be a great chronicler of Glasgow life with one of the songs, Future After All, reading as if it was an excerpt from a James Kelman story.”

            Blabber’n’Smoke (UK)

“…one of the most honest blues albums of 2013, leaving no doubt as to why Craig Hughes has often been compared to some of the past greats including Blind Willie Johnson.”

            Blues Underground Network (Canada)

And check out Charlie Bear’s video review of the album on her first Vlog, which also features some exclusive live footage.

The album entered the Blues Underground Network’s UK/Europe/Australia Top 10 Blues/Blues Rock Chart at No.1 and stayed there for four weeks running! Which brings me, slightly smugly, to some end-of-year charts/critic’s lists:

Blues Underground Network’s Year End Review – Best UK Blues Album : Losers and Bastards

Blues Underground Network’s Top Ten International Blues/Blues Rock Albums – #3: Losers and Bastards

The Third Class Ticket’s Festive 60 – #33: A Strongman and an Acrobat

Resurrection Songs’ Top 10 of 2013 – #5: Losers and Bastards

If you’ve yet to get a copy of the album or fancy giving one as a belated Xmas present (cheapskate!) please do check out my Bandcamp store for CDs and downloads – or download only via CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes and all that good stuff.

The Craig Hughes Two

The final few of 2013’s gigs were good ones.  I had a busy night in Slouch playing on a bill with the splendid Estonian/English trio of Andres Roots/Steve Lury/Peter Piik and last month’s “Craig Hughes Two” debut at the Vagabond Social Club with Ally Tennick from Dog Moon Howl on percussion went down a storm.  Look!  A picture!!


Dog Moon Howl

Talking of Dog Moon Howl, it’s been a quiet year on the band front for various reasons but we played our first gig in months at Pivo Pivo, Glasgow in November and it was a great night.  We were at Pivo again in December for our last gig of the year (another good one, a very different set to the previous month’s) and are preparing to record our first album in January 2014.  Which, come to think of it, is really soon.

New videos

There’s a video for the album track Everybody’s Got to Cheat and Lie Sometimes, culled from live footage taken by Dog Moon Howl’s Bryan Campbell available for your viewing pleasure HERE.

Also, a live performance of album track Beans and Bread from that Craig Hughes Two debut gig can be found HERE.

Tungstone Guitars

I recently had a meeting with Jordan Campbell of new guitar business Tungstone Guitars.  Something exciting is in the off – watch this space for updates.  In the meantime, Tungstone are just starting up and they have a new Facebook page so if you’re a Facebook sort of a person check them out and give them a “like” and/or follow them on Twitter.

Plans for 2014

Next year is going to be busy on both the live and recording fronts.  I’ll be continuing to play solo gigs but the live focus for my blues/roots stuff will be on the duo with Ally.  Dog Moon Howl will also be stepping up the live work on the release of our first album as mentioned above.  There are a couple of other projects in the offing which will likely happen in the second half of the year – more on those as and when.

So, that’s it for the time being.  Please do keep checking the website for updates, “like” the Facebook page and check out the YouTube channel as there’ll be a lot more content added there over the next wee while.

Losers. Bastards. New album.

I have a new album out today.  It’s called Losers and Bastards. I’ve mentioned it before. I hope you check it out and that when you do, you like it.

Album #2: Update #1 (plus gigging and guitars and that).

While trying to finalise arrangements for the new album I’ve complicated matters for myself by rewriting an old song and writing two new ones – one from scratch and and one using a rough lyric from the vaults as its starting point.  Here was me thinking the track-listing was done as well!  Actually that’s not 100% true, as I’ve been struggling with a track I’d really been hoping to include but now think I should file under “finish another time”, and another which had been long-earmarked for inclusion but will now, I think, be sitting this one out.

Slowing things down somewhat has been the fact that my acoustic-electric guitars are badly in need of servicing and I’ve been trying to fit that in with everything else – a big enough job on its own.  My old cheapo Takamine, which is my main slide guitar is utterly unplayable right now and will need quite a bit of work over this next week to be at least acoustically ready for the recording sessions in ten days (I generally don’t use the ‘electric’ components of the electric-acoustic guitars in the studio).  There are a couple of solo gigs lined up for near the end of the month too, so it will need its electronics sorted by then.  I have a backup, a Vintage Synergy which has basically never worked, but it’s very nearly in full working order now, just a tweak or two needed.  Something of a game changer might be my move towards playing my nylon strung flamenco guitar, an old Manuel Segura, gifted to me by a friend as a repair project years ago.  I’ve been enjoying playing it so much that I may make it my main standard-tuned acoustic guitar live.  As a result I’ve bought a decent internal pickup system for it which I’ll install this week.  Fingers crossed that works out.

In amongst all the above, I played a gig last Friday with Dog Moon Howl at The Vale, sharing the bill with Soul Remover, Monstronaut and Aye-Aye at a new monthly rock night called Rock In A Hard Place.  All the bands gave it plenty, and I particularly enjoyed Aye-Aye’s Hawkwind-flavoured, environmentally-themed space rock.  DMH played well but we started to trip ourselves up in the second half of the set – the crowd was great though and we got away with it.  The band is taking things easy until the second half of the year which’ll see a lot more live work and the recording and release of our first album – we’ve even been knocking back gig offers which is encouraging and frustrating in equal measures.  Our next live set will be in Glasgow at The 13th Note on June 8th.

In the meantime it’s back to the pre-production on solo album #2.  Tonight I’m meeting up with Tommy Duffin to go over some of the finer details – he’ll be co-producing the album and playing on there too – and I’m just taking a break from design/packaging costing-and-planning to get this typed up.


The offending articles.

A brief Dog Moon Howl update …

Dog Moon Howl is currently working up new material while building towards a busy second-half-of-the-year (album, gigs, that sort of thing).  Sounding pretty good, too, we reckon.  Pleasingly low on balladry.

In the meantime we’re playing The Vale (Glasgow) on the 6th April with Aye-Aye and Monstronaut.  Here’s a new clip of us from the last time we played there (November 2012).

Newsletter February 2013

Here’s my first newlsetter of 2013 for those of you not on the mailing list.  If you’d prefer to have this sort of thing clogging up your email inbox on a semi-monthly basis, then please send a mail to craighughes@channelnowhere.com with “add to list” as your subject-line.

Classic Rock Presents: The Blues Magazine

The Blues Magazine is the big new national publication from Classic Rock covering all things blues.  I’m chuffed to be able to say that the CD which comes free with the new issue (#5, in shops February 21st and available from most good newsagents, I should imagine) includes my track Left To Crawl which is from …

… The New Solo EP

Hard Times Volume 1 was released on November 5th 2012.  Response has been great so far; in addition to the inclusion of Left To Crawl on The Blues Magazine‘s CD, there have been some fantastic reviews online and in print (see below for a few quotes).   On top of all that, it was named as Best Blues EP of the Year by Canada’s Blues Underground Network in their Year End Review for 2012, and as one of their Top Picks for January 2013!   The first video from the EP, Cave Full Of Woman Bones, has also had quite a response – check it out HERE.

“…runs the gamut from acoustic blues to rockabilly mayhem … six songs, all crackers.”


“… an amazing picking guitar style whether electric or acoustic.  His vocal style is reminiscent of Tom Waits (very whisky soaked).”

Blues Matters! magazine

“… a dirty-toned electric guitar groove, with some dark and amusing lyrics!”

Blues In The Northwest

“A brilliant 6 track (no filler here) EP …”

New Adventures In Stereo

” … a cracking set of songs …”

Beat Surrender

“This is CRAIG HUGHES at his best, for sure.”

Loud Horizon

Hard Times Volume 1, along with my other releases is available on CD or as a pay-what-you-want download HERE.  It’s on iTunes, Amazon and all that too, of course.

The New Solo Album

 Work is well underway – songwriting, demoing and other preproduction – on my second album, which is on schedule to appear in the first half of the year (budget permitting).

The New Jim Dead EP

I play electric guitar and sing back-up on the new EP from Jim Dead, I’m Not Lost, which I co-produced with Tommy Duffin and Jim. The 6-track EP, complete with PDF lyric sheet, can be purchased in just about all your favourite digital formats for just £4.00. Click HERE to check it out.  More news on physical/wider digital release dates etc when I have it (or you could, of course, just head over to Jim’s excellent website at www.jimdead.com for updates).

Dog Moon Howl

The band is back in the rehearsal studio and sounding good.  Plans are afoot for our first album, likely to be recorded/released in the second half of the year.  See below for live dates, and visit www.dogmoonhowl.com for updates.  DMH will have its own newsletter soon – please let me know if you want to be added to that mailing list.


(more gigs and projects being announced soon– please keep checking the appropriate websites for upcoming dates)

Solo Gigs

The year’s live work kicked off in style at The Vagabond Social Club @ The State Bar on February 1st.  New bookings are being looked at now, with my next confirmed solo show being:

Saturday 25 May – The Big Joint, Glasgow “Big Blues Jam @The Juke Joint” fundraiser for Yorkhill Charity Foundation with Dirty Diamond and the Gunslinger, Gus Munro, Laura May’s Blue Rays etc.

Jim Dead Gig(s)

I’ll be playing some guitar with Jim Dead in support of I’m Not Lost during his upcoming Vagabond Social Club set.  We’ll likely be playing a few more shows together here and there as the year progresses.

Friday 12 Apr – The State Bar, Glasgow The Vagabond Social Club

Dog Moon Howl Gigs

Friday 22 Feb – Harbour Arts Centre, Irvine with Headless Kross + Hassium Night Rate

Saturday 08 June – The 13th Note, Glasgow with The Wulvers + Alkotron + Third Rail + 12LimbNerve