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Best Laid Part II

Brief update: there will be something of a flurry of Channel Nowhere activity over the next couple of weeks, so you can look forward (or not) to the release of the remastered Pennies On My Eyes on March 11th and a couple of gig announcements for both The Craig Hughes Two and Dog Moon Howl.  Promos will go out for Pennies just prior to the release date and a lyric video for new track No-One Cares If You Die will be up soon on YouTube.

Told you it was brief.


Best laid.

So, 2016 currently looks like this:

My newish album Pennies On My Eyes is due to be released at the end of February.  A completely new “solo” album is planned for the end of year.  Other than that …

The Craig Hughes Two

We kicked off 2016 with a Glasgow gig at The Howlin’ Wolf earlier this month.  We’re looking at recording an EP for release later in the year and hopefully a lot more live work.

Dog Moon Howl

We’re fresh from our first rehearsal of the year which turned into more of a songwriting session.  The new stuff’s sounding promising, lots of AC/DC, Rush and Sabbath nods.  We’re working up some covers as well.  We’re planning on releasing two EPs in 2016, mid-year and end-of-year respectively.

The blogs

Tapes For My Walkman and Tapes For My VCR continue to keep it analogue with a piece on Lemmy, Motörhead and No Sleep ’til Hammersmith HERE and one on Bowie’s Love You Till Tuesday HERE (I hadn’t noticed until just now that both of these “tribute” choices feature the word “till”.  Or that Motörhead had misspelled it) and updates will be more frequent from February onwards.  This here Channel Nowhere blog will also be updated a lot more regularly, largely because of the amount of stuff going on with the label etc.

Other projects

I’ve got my work cut out with the completion of at least one large scale writing project and a documentary thingmy in the planning stages.  There could potentially be a couple of other releases on Channel Nowhere throughout the year.  Watch this space.

Pennies, Dog Moon Howl, Jim Dead and blogs and that.

So, Pennies On My Eyes will now be released at the end of February 2016.  The audio work’s all done but there was just no way to have the whole thing ready to go by the end of November – as originally planned – and there’s not much point in putting this kind of release out mid-December (or January for that matter).  So, February it is.  As ever, watch this space.

In what’s shaping up to be my last live outing of the year, I’m playing with Dog Moon Howl at The 13th Note, Glasgow, this Friday (4th) with Jim Dead & The Doubters in celebration of the release of their new album Pray For Rain.  I’ve heard it (I did the mastering, come to think of it) and do you know, it’s really rather good. Come along on the night and you’ll get a copy of the CD as part of your £5 entry fee.

Meanwhile, the writing practice continues. Tapes For My Walkman has recently been updated with a look at ZZ Top’s Tres Hombres (HERE) and Tapes For My VCR has just been updated with a review of ’90s bikers-and-explosions flick Stone Cold (HERE).  Please do feel free to give them a look.


Stuff that’s happening.

There’s been a fair amount of Channel Nowhere activity recently, what with a run of solo/duo Glasgow gigs at The Howlin’ Wolf and Dog Moon Howl gigs at The 13th Note and Ivory Black’s, while music and movie blogs Tapes For My Walkman and Tapes For My VCR have been increasingly finding their feet.   Here’s what’s coming up.


There will be one more Dog Moon Howl appearance (with Jim Dead & The Doubters at their album launch at The 13th Note on December 4th) which unfortunately will be your last opportunity to see the band live this year.  Bassist Bryan Campbell is having a knee operation which will put him out of commission for a while.  I’m a bit fuzzy on the details but essentially I believe he’s having his existing, faulty, knees replaced with cloned gorilla elbows which will be fitted backwards so that he can walk like a mantis.  Exciting stuff, but he will need some recuperation time afterwards, during which he hopes to complete the scale model of Tokyo he is building in his garage for destruction at a later date with his mutant mantis powers.

In the meantime, DMH drummer Ally Tennick and myself will be kicking the arse out of the live thing in our alt.roots/blues identity The Craig Hughes Two, including a turn for our friends at The Vagabond Social Club on September 27th at Nice’N’Sleazies, Glasgow.  For other dates, watch this space, or head over to www.craighughes.net.


Mastering is the key word for this month.  Work is underway on the remastering of Pennies On My Eyes which was originally a mini-album I put out about five years ago as part of the split CD (with Sleepy Eyes Nelson) Graveyard Full of Blues.  I was never happy with the original master/mixes and, due to running-time constraints and release deadlines – not to mention my rank incompetence – there were a few tracks recorded at the time which were never completed and therefore left off of the finished product.  Well, limited availability or not, Pennies went on to gain a bit of a life of its own.  A ‘fan favourite’, it picked up good reviews, an award nomination, was a Bandcamp staff pick and so on.  As a result, I’ve gone back to the original recordings and completed work on the unfinished tracks while properly mastering the whole project, now full album length.  This will be released in October or November (the original having been unavailable for a while now).

Before that, though, I’ll be working on the mastering of that new album from Jim Dead & The Doubters which is due for a December release.  I’ve heard the mixes and it’s good stuff – grungey, country-tinged rock.


Last time I did one of these news updates, I mentioned regular YouTube updates which have yet to start appearing.  They will though.  Honest.  Also, towards the end of the year I’ll be laying the groundwork for a documentary project.  More of that closer to the time.

Channel Nowhere

This post serves as a minor relaunch of the Channel Nowhere blog which has been somewhat moribund of late. So. A roundup of some recent news, then.


This blog will be updated fortnightly on average, concentrating on the music/media business as it relates to Channel Nowhere. I do, however, reserve the right to write about any old pish as and when the mood takes me.

Tapes For My Walkman is a blog I started some time back as an excuse to force myself to write more often. It’s a review blog based around, you’ll never see this coming, tapes I’m picking up. Check it out HERE.

I’ve just launched a “sister blog”, Tapes For My VCR. You can probably guess the subject matter. Check it out HERE.

Being brought more firmly under the Channel Nowhere umbrella, the Tapes … blogs will also each be updated fortnightly on average. If things go to schedule, that should mean at least one new blog post appearing most weeks.


The Channel Nowhere YouTube Channel will be regularly updated from mid July. The plan is to post a lyric video for all tracks from each current Channel Nowhere release at the rate of at least one a month.


I’ve been gigging fairly regularly solo and with The Craig Hughes Two for the first half of this year, and thanks to the positive results from these shows we’re planning on pushing ahead with a heightened schedule. There’ll be more from Dog Moon Howl too. To that end there are at least a couple of Channel Nowhere-promoted nights on the horizon. Watch this space.

In the meantime, check The Craig Hughes Two out in Glasgow at The Howlin’ Wolf on July 5th and at Nice’N’Sleazy on September 27th. I’m playing solo at The Howlin’ Wolf on July 27th and on August 1st you can catch Dog Moon Howl at The 13th Note.


There are two projects (well, two and two halves) on the bubble which I’m not quite ready to detail here but which I hope will be worthwhile. More news here very soon and don’t forget to check channelnowhere.com for regular updates.

2015, oh, right …

So, the first couple of months of the year are out of the way and I still haven’t updated this blog. Deary me. Well, there’ll be ‘proper’ news coming soon but in the meantime …


I’m currently in the final stages of putting together a sorta-kinda re-release-type-thing for May, plus there’s the wrapping up of a few older projects to get out of the way (whether for release or not we’ll see). There’ll be a new album by the end of the year. Probably.


I’ve started the year with a string of solo gigs at Glasgow’s The Howlin’ Wolf and I’m there again on the 16th of this month with Ally Tennick back on percussion. Thereafter we’re looking to fill the booking calendar, particularly for the two-man lineup, as well as getting out there with Dog Moon Howl. Watch this space.


I’ve also been heavily involved of late with ZenTone Guitars, having a hand in guitar design and building etc. We’ve just finished the “proof-of-concept” prototypes for two electric solid bodies – check out the website for more details.

More updates soon.  Honest.

Yeah I know, I know …

… I’ve been remiss regarding keeping this blog updated for a few months now.  Regular updates, largely concerned with my creative endevours, will resume later this week with the first of a couple of posts on Dog Moon Howl.

Currently, I’m finalising plans for more solo releases via Channel Nowhere, looking at a much, much busier live year in 2015 for both myself/The Craig Hughes Two and Dog Moon Howl and there’ll be guitar design shenanigans with Zentone Guitars. There’ll be some writing as well, and on that front I’ve recently started a music review blog called Tapes For My Walkman you might like to check out.

More soon.  Honest.