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New video, new song #3.

Here’s the last of the rough cuts from the Craig Hughes & The Crow Bone Chorus showcase, Made a Thing. Although I’ve been saying these would all be new songs, this one has actually been in the solo and duo live sets for a couple of years. New to most, though.


New video, new song #2.

Here’s the second of the rough cut videos/new songs as detailed in yesterday’s post.  This one’s called The Lum’s on Fire.  One more to come.

New video, new song #1.

I played my first gig with The Crow Bone Chorus a couple of weeks ago. We recorded it on a wee Zoom handheld doohickey and luckily someone had a camcorder running too (cheers, Craig Ferguson!).  Of course nothing was intended for public consumption and the lighting etc. was hardly conducive to quality visuals but we did do some new stuff.  So here’s the first of three of those new tunes, Catch a Break.

The others will be uploaded over the next few days. It’s all pretty rough – hopefully worth a look/listen, though.


Dog Moon Howl update (and a live Craig Hughes Two video).

Work on Dog Moon Howl’s first album is in the mixing stages.  Currently sitting at nine tracks, produced by Alec Pollock of Chasar at his studio in Alloa, it threatens to be rather good.  Release and promotion details will start to get hammered into shape in the next few weeks (current thinking is a May release but that’s far from set in stone) – in the meantime, we have a gig on the books for Saturday, March 22nd with Glitterball Vegas and Traquair at The 13th Note in Glasgow.

I’m currently hitting up festivals and the likes for bookings (solo/duo and DMH) and the first solo booking of the year is for Foakies @ The Royal Oak in Edinburgh on June 2nd. Tying all this together, here’s a video of me and Ally Tennick (DMH drummist) playing as The Craig Hughes Two late last year, from the smartphone of Bryan Campbell (DMH basser).

A quick peek at The Craig Hughes Two …

Here’s a video of me and Ally Tennick giving it plenty at last month’s Vagabond Social Club in Glasgow.

Good lord, my jeans are enormous. Such trouserly capaciousness – rare in the arena of public performance since the 19th century.

Except, you know, MC Hammer. And that one live Van Halen video just after Sammy Hagar joined. And, like, panto, when it’s Ali Baba or Sinbad or that. And Blackadder III.

Album # 2 …

In my five years of full-time musicianeering, I’ve released two EPs, a mini-album and one full-length album.  All ultimately well-received and all picking up momentum now, as much as three-and-a-half years after their initial release (apart from the first EP, now deleted).  In amongst all that I’ve also dabbled in soundtrack work, produced and appeared on other folk’s stuff and released a demo EP with the band Dog Moon Howl.  Not a bad work-rate but there’s no getting past the fact that full-length album # 2 is due.  So …

The studio, 16 Ohm, is booked for sessions in May.  I’ve been writing, arranging and demoing new material this past few weeks and I currently have ten songs ready to go, three nearly there and plans for an instrumental as yet un-started.  The album’s going to be a mix – very roughly: one-third solo acoustic, one-third mostly-acoustic with percussion-and-that, one-third full band. Ish.  I’ll be working on this one, as with Pissed Off, Bitter and Willing to Share and the recent Hard Times: Volume 1 EP, with Tommy Duffin.  Other guest muso-types to be confirmed.

As with the Hard Times EP, I’m planning on getting a lot of the artwork, design etc. seen to in advance of the sessions, so that the album release can be turned around quite quickly off the back of the recording sessions.  I’m hopeful for a June release – certainly no later than July.

In the meantime, I’ll be writing regular blogs about the process.  Now, I know there’s a school of thought/marketing/whatever that has the creation of an album as a completely open book.  Tracks streamed in demo and rough-mix form, track-lists and running orders released far in advance, that sort of thing.  However, as much as that approach can be very effective, as a punter I prefer to hear an album “fresh” – as a result, I’ll not be posting much, or possibly any music in advance of the initial “single” release (no, not really releasing a single but there’ll be a lead-off track with a video).  Having said that, there might be a few wee “mini-doc” clips that show some limited work-in-progress and the occasional live clip (see below).

Rather than just a dry recording diary (there’ll be some of that, mind), I’ll use this series of blog entries to look at my other releases and at what issues and choices re: different releasing options, packaging and so on there are for an independent musician running a micro-label.  Interspersed throughout will be pieces on my band Dog Moon Howl.  I’ve been threatening to blog on more than just our occasional YouTube appearance for a while and, as we’re looking at recording our first album in September, it’s about time.

So, look out for regular updates here from now on.  In the meantime, here’s a video of the first ever live performance of Happy Man Cries (filmed, incidentally, by my Dog Moon Howl bandmates Ally Tennick and Bryan Campbell) – minus its last verse which was still to be written at the time.  A compete version will be on album # 2.

A brief Dog Moon Howl update …

Dog Moon Howl is currently working up new material while building towards a busy second-half-of-the-year (album, gigs, that sort of thing).  Sounding pretty good, too, we reckon.  Pleasingly low on balladry.

In the meantime we’re playing The Vale (Glasgow) on the 6th April with Aye-Aye and Monstronaut.  Here’s a new clip of us from the last time we played there (November 2012).