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A Note from the Front-line of the War against Technology.

Gradually chipping away at technical issues which have prevented updates to the new(ish) Mister Hughes website and, as I’m just finding out, some here as well.  The main website needs a lot more doing to it but one thing that passed it by and this blog too was the most recent Mister Hughes & the Crow Bone Chorus video, Catch a Break.  Check it below but be warned: it has a spider.

Normal service will hopefully be resumed soon, with actually improved service soon thereafter.


Sheer bloody poetry.

Maybe it’s a Burns night thing, I don’t know, but the muse struck. This poetry stuff’s a doddle – I reckon there’s got to be some of that sweet, sweet Arts Council money in it, at least.

Poem 2019 by Mister Hughes

New album CD release.

CD copies of the new album, Seeing Ghosts, now available! The ideal Xmas gift for that unspecial someone you’re really not that bothered about.

Also available for download and streaming from the same link as well as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and all that.

Video! Gig! Album!

Glasgow people and those of you who are conveniently Glasgow adjacent: please do join us (Mister Hughes &the Crow Bone Chorus) TONIGHT at The 13th Note with special guests John Alexander and Gar Hunter for an evening of roots rock, alt.blues, country and Americana. We’ll be launching our new album Seeing Ghosts, which will be available in a strictly limited DIY CD edition at a celebratory discount.

Here’s the link to the Facebook event page:

Check out a tune from the new album here:

or here:

Soon …

Important announcement

After a couple of years on the heavyish guitar strings, I’m almost certainly going to switch back to lightish ones. This is, of course, for purely artistic/musicianly reasons and not just because I’ve found a bagful of new packs of the lightish strings I used to use and am too skint to stock up on my current regulars.

Conversely, I expect to soon be going up a tog or two, duvet-wise. Swings and roundabouts.

Soon …

Stuff’s happening. Changes. An album. That sort of thing.