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New video, new song #1.

I played my first gig with The Crow Bone Chorus a couple of weeks ago. We recorded it on a wee Zoom handheld doohickey and luckily someone had a camcorder running too (cheers, Craig Ferguson!).  Of course nothing was intended for public consumption and the lighting etc. was hardly conducive to quality visuals but we did do some new stuff.  So here’s the first of three of those new tunes, Catch a Break.

The others will be uploaded over the next few days. It’s all pretty rough – hopefully worth a look/listen, though.



Footballing contests, arseholes and that.

I had expected that yesterday, with its footballing contest and celebrity wedding, would make for an onerous time round these parts due to resultant street-level arseholery. Happily it wasn’t too big a deal.

Today however, not only has there been a passing bigot parade but apparently there’s yet another footballing contest, this one involving the Partick Thistles, which sadly means fuckwittery writ large directly outside my flat. All fucking day.

Good times.

Music news (gigs and that) later this week.

A Picture and a Poster.

Today we have for your entertainment and edification an actual photograph of Craig Hughes & The Crow Bone Chorus in all our hoary glory plus a poster for the upcoming Glasgow showcase with Jim Dead at The Audio Lounge.  Enjoy.

Craig Hughes & The Crow Bone Chorus

May 5 gig

Ner ner ner, ner ner ner-ner, ner ner ner, ner ner.

Time to start back into the world, specifically of live music.  I’ll be playing an afternoon showcase gig with The Crow Bone Chorus at The Audio Lounge in Glasgow on Saturday, May 5th.  Special guest will be me old mucker Jim Dead.  Looking forward to it.

More details to come, though despite the title of this post, I can already confirm that we will not in fact be playing Smoke on the Water.

Earth-shaped thinking.

The earth is flat, okay, fair enough, I accept that. What shape is it, though?

Is it a disc and, if it is, what’s on the B-side? Is it oval? Is it a square? If it’s a rectangle, does that make it some kind of gargantuan tray? Are earthquakes just the Big Giant Tray being shoogled about on the way from God’s Great Kitchen to the Heavenly Living Room in time for Antiques Road Trip?

If it’s an octagon does that mean we’re all living in a Chuck Norris movie? To be fair, that would explain a lot.

Also, how thick is it? How does it stay level? Is it in danger of flipping over in a high solar wind? Can the whole thing be rolled up like a celestial yoga mat?

This science stuff is complicated.

Knackered Logic

Having been up for a couple of days, Knackered Logic dictated that this afternoon should suddenly seem the ideal time for me to get on with some unusually arts-and-craftsy stuff. Specifically work on some box-shelves I’m making for tapes.

Forgot to Google “how to do papier mache” as I was pretty sure my vague memories from primary school on the subject would suffice. Not so.

Turns out all I really remember is popping a balloon through a set papier mache shell. Balloons, sadly, do not feature heavily in my plans for cassette storage. Ach well, not to worry.

I also couldn’t be arsed clearing any kind of work space. Turns out that wallpaper paste gets bastard everywhere.

At some point I came up with the great idea of putting the boxes in the bath to dry. Fine, if you don’t get to the end of the day covered in fucking wallpaper paste and quite fancying a shower.

Over three hours it took me, to get less than half of the necessary work done. I’m even more knackered now, with a sore back and a headache. I just wanted somewhere to keep my tapes.

Anyway, I’m hoping to sort out a gig or two each for the duo and band this coming week. I’ll endeavour to keep you updated.

No News is Good News.